Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wall Balls & My Arms!

2 x WODs today

Early AM 4 x 5km bike TT with 3mins rest, pretty happy with this session as legs still a little sore & tired, felt that I rode strongly and I was definitely in harder gears.

Later AM 150 wall balls for time, walked to the community hall at the end of my road so that I could throw the ball higher than I have access to at home. Decided to break this into 50's, very happy with the depth of my squats but my arms - woah! they were really struggling and the height of the wall was a bit hit and miss but I put in the right amount of effort to try and maintain the height.

Was pleased with the time 5mins 38secs, managed each 50 in 1.40 / 1.38 / 1.38 with about 20 secs rest inbetween - (which I needed for my poor arms)

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