Busselton Half Ironman

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another PB - (PR)

So today I had my ocean swimming session with my swim squad and the water was great, warm and pretty calm - I still swam with the wetsuit as I will be swimming in it at both the half & full ironman - we did longer swims today and it gave me a chance to try and draft off a couple of stronger swimmers (Max told me off for not doing this in my race!!!) it was good when I was in the right position, but as I only had 1 or 2 guys I could keep up with I found if I didn't follow their line and missed their feet I was off on my own and then I couldn't keep up with them. So overall a good swim session with lots of EFFORT by me :)

Straight home and onto the 2nd workout of the day (having my hair cut tonight so no time to train) 7 x 1 back squat. Knowing that I did a PB for 5 reps the other week I was up for pushing the limit, I did a couple of warm up sets to start and then did the following:

65kg (about 143 lbs)

My best ever is I think 57.5kg for 1 rep - the 65kg was quite ragged but I got it up - I'm stoked to think that I have back squatted 6kg more than I weigh :)

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