Sunday, February 7, 2010

Legs still tired!

So after my unplanned rest day yesterday (which was ok with Max - thankfully) I had two workouts today and both hard on the legs which are still suffering with muscle soreness.

We were out for a late lunch so had to get both workouts in before we went out and I'm not a fan of back to back workouts and I didn't want to get up too early either.

Chose the longer workout first which was 4 x 5mins run 2mins recover, I ran round the block and ran the 1st set as the lowest distance, the 2nd as the furthest distance and 3rd & 4th just under the distance of the 2nd so fairly consistent - but oh they hurt and my legs were complaining the whole time.

Ate breakfast and spent the next hour or so preparing my food for the week ahead and sorting out the ironing etc. Then it was time to do the 2nd workout - this I was really not looking forward to - my legs still hurt and bending down was painful and I had to row and squat!!!!

45kg Back Squat 21 - 15 - 9 with 500m rows inbetween - managed all the squat reps unbroken although some of the squats towards the end were a bit ragged - was happy with the way my rowing is progressing this seems to be improving - total wod time was 10mins 55secs - really happy to have this finished and spent some time stretching my legs and butt before getting ready to go out for a late lunch.

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