Busselton Half Ironman

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Has anyone seen my thighs?

If so, please return them to me - these thighs I'm walking around with surely can't be mine??

2 x WOD's today,

AM was run 10mins 1 way and turn round and run back try to maintain distance. I didn't really run as hard as I should have and had downhill and tail wind on the way out, so on the way back had uphill and into the wind (although a light wind) managed to get within about 30mtrs of my start point, so was happy with this considering that I had the harder part of the run on the way back - but a bit unhappy with myself for not trying harder - ran around 2.2km each way

PM - 250 lunges for time!! Wasn't sure how to do these, static lunges or walking lunges - saw Erica's post about this WOD and she did walking lunges - so I thought that this is what I would do too so decided to do this while walking the dogs with Phil at the cricket oval - omg this was so hard, I did the whole thing without stopping as I think if I had stopped I wouldn't have been able to start again - completed these in 6mins 21secs - it was good that I had 15mins to walk home as I managed to get some normal feeling back into my thighs

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  1. My entire lower body is feeling those lunges today. Should be interesting to see how my run ends up later this afternoon.