Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1/2 Marathon - Over & Out!

Realised that I forgot to post my Fran time from yesterday - 11mins dead!

This morning was the 1/2 marathon run, last time I did this was in my last 1/2 ironman early May 2008 (& I walked a lot of that as I had really bad cramp) and I have only ever run 4 x 1/2 marathon distances in my life (too many injuries reduced the distance I could safely run) 2 x 1/2 ironman races in 2008 & 2009 and 1 x trg run for each 1/2 ironman - that's it! So you can see why I was very apprehensive about this run.

My plan was to try and not be too focused on my time (very hard), but to just get the distance under my belt. To help me with this I switched my watch to show distance with the time at the top in tiny writing - I'm getting older so its hard to read the small stuff :)

Managed the first 10km in 49.24 & then turned round to run back and got a second wind, managed the next 10km in 47.54 which took me home then I just needed to run the last 1km round the block - managed this in 4.35 - so total time was 1hr 41mins 53secs - very happy with this as I felt really comfortable for most of the run.

At about 17km things got really tough and I had to dig deep to keep the pace up but I saw the time at about 18.5km and realised that I could make under 1.45 if I didn't give up so I didn't give up :)

Tonight my legs got a rest and I had 100 x press ups for time - decided that I would do this in sets of 10 on my toes - managed to complete this in 4 mins 33 secs.


  1. This is an awesome result. I can't believe you negative split the run. That is so cool!

  2. Great time Jane! I am doing mine this weekend and am a bit nervous.

  3. You are so strong!! Great run...awesome run! Wish I had legs like yours!


  5. Jane

    Way to go!! Great result & you felt great when you finished. Outstanding!!!