Friday, February 26, 2010

More Trigger Point Therapy Stuff

Ok seeing as more information was requested from my post on TPT - here are 2 x websites

This one is the US based one that I bought my stuff from (cheaper than buying from the Oz distributor with shipping & exchange rate) but I did get the crossfit discount.

This is the Oz based website as it has some interesting articles etc on it that you may find useful

If anyone has any more questions happy to help with my limited experience of these products

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  1. Jane thanks for sharing with us.

    I found this info in USA:

    Also I sent and email to this company in order to try to form a group for a workshop, waiting on an answer.

    For the rollers this place should have some:
    Fleet Feet Hartford
    1003 Farmington Avenue
    Hartford, CT 06107
    Phone: 860-233-8077

    I found this school (Connecticut)