Saturday, February 13, 2010

Catching up on training posting

Had a lot of personal stuff to sort out last couple of days (nothing bad - just lots to sort out, taking up most of my time and emotional energy - even missed a training session & that is unheard of!!!)

Anyway back to the training sessions

Thursday - missed ocean swimming was out Weds eve late and too tired to get up - 2nd session of the day was 4 x 21 KB swings 12kg + 21 KTE - KB swings were easy but the KTE woah! was really happy with my form for most of these - spent the time resting to be able to do the KTE as well as possible - total time 16mins 2secs

Friday - Bike session 1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1 min on standing - don't think I did this session properly - I picked a tough gear for the standing and just went down a couple of gears for the rest which wasn't really a rest I still worked hard sitting too - forgot to look at the distance so no idea how far I went - did this on the windtrainer.

Had a second session today but didn't get this done due to sorting out the personal stuff - planned to do this Sat instead!

Saturday - was supposed to do ocean swim race, but had to go to work so only had time to do the missed session from Friday which was 6 x 400m run + 50 squats - I actually quite liked this session - yes I know how mad is that? but my legs felt pretty good and didn't really start to hurt until set 5 & 6, also clocked my split times and each 400m was just fractionally faster than the last so happy with this - total time was 16mins 3secs.

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