Busselton Half Ironman

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Am feeling much better again today, did squad swim - like last week I'm finding this boring with the drills and long slow intervals (Tuesday swims are designed this way) but my arms are still a little tired from the wall balls and press ups etc

Tonight I had Fran round! decided that I would do this with 30kg (66lbs) which is more than I've done with Fran before - I did do 50x Thrusters in January with 30kg but looking at my notes from the session I struggled a lot with my form - today I didn't and it was only 5 short of 50 & I had pull ups too - so am definitely getting stronger - its a great feeling when you realise that you are improving in strength - as Dan has noted too :)

Now I only have to worry about running a half marathon tomorrow!!! I was not happy when I read this on my program at the beginning of Feb but I've had time to come round to the idea of running this far.


  1. Jane

    Your building a lot of strength & will have a great 1/2 tomorrow. You will probably surprise yourself. Have a great run.


  2. Well done! Good luck on the 1/2...