Busselton Half Ironman

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Darkness & Light

Ok so the darkness first - since training with Max I haven't had to get up as early as I normally would as the sessions are much shorter than I am used to - this is a good thing I get more sleep :)

But today I had to get up at 5am for my swim squad which I haven't been to for a while - mainly been doing ocean swims at 6am and it was darker than I remember!!!! Now I now that summer is coming to an end and the dark mornings will start I even noticed that the cyclists out needed to have lights on - so I will need to put my lights back on my bike too!

Anyway swim session this morning was hard work - only in the fact that it was a technique session and I was having to hold back swimming faster which was difficult as I am now used to putting in lots of EFFORT and found this session didn't require that - but it was good to be back in the pool.

Tonight I had to do AMRAP in 20mins of 4 x burpees / 8 x press ups / 12 x situps - was really not feeling the love tonight - not sure exactly what is up but had to dig deep to do this WOD - managed 17 rounds + 4 + 8.

The situps were the toughest thing which really surprised me, managed all press ups on my toes and all reps unbroken

Oh and the light - my legs are feeling soooo much better :)

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