Busselton Half Ironman

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mental Attitude

Another 25km Bike TT today and like last week I decided that I would do this on my windtrainer - the difference this week was my mindset

I remembered how awful last week was but this time I was prepared, I expected that the windtrainer would probably change resistance at will, I expected it would be hard, I expected it would be hot, I expected it to take me over 50mins - so I had plans in place for how I would tackle this session:

1) the resistance changing would be like going uphill outside
2) it needs to be hard for me to improve
3) more water available, drink more often, re-adjust the fan direction
4) I was prepared for the duration of the session

What a difference this makes, and it adds weight to visualisation and preparing for different scenarios in racing.

I felt that I rode really well, and the windtrainer still played up but I just got on with it - we seemed to make peace towards the end when I was able to ride at 90+ cadence for a good 5 mins - something went wrong with the distance so I just rode for time 55mins.

About 5hrs later I did the second WOD of the day 20:10 tabatha of 8 each PressUps / Squats / Situps / Burpees - press ups were the hardest, did these on my toes, happy with the squats, & the situps improved from last time and the burpees were pretty good - considering they are burpees :)

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