Friday, February 26, 2010

Trigger Point Therapy

Thursday evening I was off to a Trigger Point Therapy workshop - I bought this stuff after I did the CFE Pose running workshop and have used it quite regularly but only from the instructions.

The workshop was fab - we worked on one side of the body so that we could feel the difference that the treatment made - and it definitely made a difference.

The guy who presented the workshop is a triathlete (married to a very good long distance triathlete) and it was really interesting listening to him speak about what he does to maintain his body. He does no stretching at all, all he does is the trigger point stuff and he trains & runs in racing flats and has no injuries.

I have to say that the treatment I gave myself last night made a huge difference to how I felt at the end of the evening and this morning. I am definitely going to work on this over the weekend and will incorporate this into my daily routine.

If you have a chance to look up the trigger point stuff you should investigate it - in my opinion its money well spent!


  1. I know there are several pieces of equipment - which one(s) do you have and/or suggest.

  2. Please tell us more, I would love to read/ learn more about it.