Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm feeling pretty smashed!

So in a show of solidarity I thought I would do my 25km Bike TT on my windtrainer as most of "Max's Army" are not able to get out due to the weather - big mistake - how you guys & girls manage to do 40km TT's on a stationary bike I have no idea.

My legs are feeling pretty tired but after yesterdays 4 x 5km bike intervals where I felt that I rode really well despite my legs being tired I was expecting good things - I was so wrong!

I clocked the times for each 5km and they were slower than the 5km intervals I did on the road yesterday with the wind and undulations on the road - then it got worse at 16km my windtrainer decided to throw a hissy fit and it was like riding with the back brake on!!! I was having to change up and down gears as my windtrainer put the resistance up and down at will - I was having to ride in the baby gears and dropped from 28-29km/hr to 21/22km/hr - this was a definite test of mental strength I so wanted to stop & get off.

When I finished - in an appalling 59mins 48secs I did not know how I would get the 2nd WOD done - I was feeling pretty smashed and consider this the toughest WOD I've done for how I felt during and after.

So 4hrs later I was feeling a lot more recovered and slightly hungry so time to get the 2nd WOD completed - this was 2 x 50 stepups / 40 box jumps / 30 situps / 20 pushups / 10 burpees - got all my equipment ready was planning on stepups on 18" box and box jumps on 24" box (my normal height for box jumps) - this changed as soon as I started the WOD - there was no way I could jump 24" I tripped a couple of times just doing the step ups and the way my legs were feeling once I had started this I doubted my ability to actually make the top of the 24" box - so box jumped on 18" - this proved to be the right decision although I feel like a failure - I should have dug a bit deeper and at least tried the 24" box - total time for WOD was 13mins 36secs.

So its towards the end of the day and I am feeling pretty smashed which I suppose is a good thing as that means that the training is demanding and I'm not crusing along - it's just so different to how I've trained for a 1/2 ironman before that I wouldn't normally feel like this, I'd just feel tired from all the longer distance stuff.

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