Thursday, April 1, 2010

Catch up on posting training sessions

After my run effort, my body had lots of muscle soreness in my legs and I had another WOD to do in the evening,

PM WOD was 5 x DL (60kg) / 10 x burpees / 15 x squats AMRAP in 15mins

Happy with the DL's in particular as 60kg used to be the most I could lift and I did 45 of them in this WOD, burpees leave a lot to be desired I seem to be going backwards with them lately, the squats were really hard work as my legs had lots of muscle soreness - managed 8 full rounds + 5 DLs

Thursday WOD was Fran 21/15/9 thrusters & pull ups, chose 32.5kg for the thrusters - I last did this in Feb with 30kg where my training diary shows that I really struggled with the weight and this time I managed more continuous reps than last time - this took me 12mins and Feb took me 11mins but happy with this as the weight was 2.5kg more & my legs were really sore

Looking forward to the long weekends training and having a bit more free time

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