Monday, April 12, 2010

Swapped Training

This morning was supposed to be 4 x 1 mile with 8min rest but after the weekend at the NLP course I was too tired to do this session justice so I decided to swap days.

I chose Weds and did a 5km run TT managed 21.37 felt good, butt still hurt but nothing like on Saturday or perhaps my focus was different today? AND I ran the fastest 5km that I have this year by 15secs so a very good start to the day :)

PM was 21/15/9 20kg thrusters + dips - I used my rings with an orange powerband for the dips to make it harder - completed this in 6mins dead!!!

Thrusters were good, could have gone heavier, dips were hard after the thrusters broke these into 7/7/7 & 5/5/5 & 5/4

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