Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Training

Good Friday was an ocean swim session run as a handicap so the slower swimmers first and faster swimmers last first to cross the line gets an easter egg :)

I swam 29mins 30secs which was a bit slow, think we may have swam a bit more than 1.6km but I had a good swim and managed to draft for most of the swim.

Later on I had 3 x 40reps of 12kg KB swings / situps / squats - 12mins 14secs - body still not right and this was a bit tough on the body

Easter Saturday I did 10 - 1 reps of burpees / squats / situps - 7mins 3secs - burpees were much better than they have been, good depth on the squats could have been faster though, and situps were ok'ish

Easter Sunday was 5km run TT - was not sure how my body would react to this given the last run I had - went out positive butt started to tighten up within the 1st km, but I focused on relaxing the muscles, this was a tough run for me but I didn't give up - it was my slowest 5km TT since January at 22mins 28secs :(

Easter Monday was a planned 80km Bike TT - I ended up just doing 40km as my husband wanted to go out and the 80km TT would have taken the morning as it was an organised event so I changed this to a 40km TT which I could do from home and keep everyone happy - managed 1hr 20mins which is around the time I last did this, but I felt much stronger this time, still got some issues with the muscles in my butt tightening up but I don't think it restricted me too much

Looking forward to going back to yoga this week as I think this will really help

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  1. Jane,

    I am really impressed whenever I read your entries. The times on everything is something I am hoping to get to one day. Really good job!