Busselton Half Ironman

Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend training and NLP Course

Friday training
AM was squad swim, really good session today and I swam well, arms were a little tired but nothing like the swim on Tuesday

main set was
4 x 25m on 30s 1 x fast 1 x easy
6 x 50m on 60s 1 x fast 1 x easy
5 x 100m on 2min 1 x fast 1 x easy (I swam 1.32 fast / 1.40 easy)

4 x 25m on 30s all fast
6 x 50m on 60s all fast
5 x 100m on 2min on 1.36 pace

I held the pace on every rep so was really pleased with this swim set

PM was 3 x rounds of 30kg DL 21/15/9 run 400m situps for 9/15/21 managed this in 9mins 43secs

Sat training I swapped was supposed to do 10km Run TT but my backside was not in a good place so ended up doing just 6km, but I decided to visualise myself running the 1/2 marathon in my race and that I was running the pace I wanted to run there and I felt really good (except for the tightness in my butt - I hope this gets resolved in the next 3 wks!!!!)

Sun was 5 x 7 back squats managed to do 42.5 / 45 / 47.7 / 50 / 52.5kg I did a couple of warm up sets and I probably could have gone heavier but I was a little off focus with the NLP weekend.

Had a good weekend with the NLP stuff - long days and lots of stuff to take in but overall it was really good and I'm glad that I did it

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  1. Jane

    Great job on the swim. Way to push the pace!!