Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Training

WOD was 3 x 5 DL (45kg) 10 box jumps 500m row - managed to complete this in under 10mins (forgot the actual time its written in the garage!) - found the rowing tough today and my times were not that great, DL were fine, box jumps tough as normal, but getting better

Had an 85km team cycle race - I got put in a different team as we had lots of new riders but they were way too slow for me, so I ended up being on the front for most of the ride and being told to "ease up" all the time - I really wanted to push on, but couldn't as I kept dropping the rest of the team, I did though feel fantastically strong even into the wind and my nutrition seemed to work really well.

Less than 2 wks now to my half ironman - here's to feeling as strong there as I did today

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  1. Hi Jane,

    I am sure you'll be in great shape for your race. I am glad things are coming together for you at the right time.