Busselton Half Ironman

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taper Week

Tuesday was Helen @ 70% - 3 x 400m run 21 x KB swings 12 x pull ups used 8kg KB and small orange powerband for the pull ups, time was 12mins 02secs

Weds was 8 x 200m run at 75% - thought my times were a bit out but remeasured the course and realised I was stopping at the wrong crack in the pavement and ran about 20m more so feel happier about my times now.

I have a massage booked for this afternoon as well as a new yoga class tonight - I'm trying an Astanga yoga course with my husband for the next 12 weeks (although my phsyio is not happy about this as he doesn't want me to stretch so I have to be careful)

Tomorrow Thursday is a rest day so next posting will be Friday !!!! can't believe that the race is nearly here very excited

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