Busselton Half Ironman

Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting back on track

I've had a much better morning today :)

Am feeling good, backside is so much better after being bashed by the physio, had a great swim set this morning in my new race suit - after a short warm up we swam 19 x 100 on 1.50 turn round aiming for 1.34/1.36 - I managed to swim these all on the right pace so was really happy - I did draft most of them as I caught the guy in front so that really helped.

Then I went straight home and did Cindy (still in my race suit) managed 18 rounds which I am pleased with as I could feel the swim in my arms which affected my pull ups and definitely the press ups.

Looking forward to tomorrow - I'm riding round the river with my cycling buddies who have reminded me that I haven't been out with them all year and now that the team cycle races have started I need to make an appearance. I'm actually really looking forward to this :)

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