Thursday, April 15, 2010

WOD x 2 then Massage - ahh!

So this morning did what should have been Mondays WOD 4 x 1 mile with 8min rest.

Ran 1.716meters (accurately measured well fairly accurate) & this is the same course that I did this session on in January, so 110m over a mile, but close enough

Ran 7.31 / 7.10 / 7.04 / 7.04 was really happy with this, as apart from the first rep when I was kind of feeling my way, I tried to run really relaxed and it seemed to work and I know I could have run another rep and hit the same time (in fact I wished I had now!) This is an improvement on January where I got slower with each rep.

2nd WOD I did about an hour after this session 3 x 30m walking lunges 10 burpees 25 situps - lunges hurt after the run, burpees ok'ish and situps were tough, finished in 6mins 43secs

Then early afternoon had a sports massage followed by a day of rest on Thursday (today)


  1. Way to go Jane. Seems like things are falling into place for you. Keep up the good work.