Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back to Yoga

Given all the issues I have been having with my body lately and the fact that my half ironman is less than 4 wks away I thought it was probably a good idea to go back to yoga as this seemed to really help my body before.

so went to early class this morning at 6am - first thing I noticed was how much stronger I was feeling in the postures - the flexibility left a lot to be desired (which I expected) but overall I'm still a whole lot more flexible than 95% of the class - this is down to my "bendy genes" and my previous life as a gymnast :)

This evening I had a 15min run TT managed to run 3.41km for an average of 4.28p/km warmed up before with CFWU butt hurt as soon as I started running but thankfully it was not as restrictive as when I tried to run the 1/2 marathon, back to the physio tomorrow - hopefully a bit more treatment + my self treatment will get it right in time for my race

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