Monday, January 11, 2010

More Rowing

Again only 1 session today, but think that I will also slip a bikram yoga class in as I am starting to tighten up - I have been doing bikram yoga for about 6mths and it has been really good for my body, don't need the chiro anymore - so I need to try and fit a couple of classes of this into the program too.

This mornings session was row 500m / 50 12kg KB swings / row 500m / 40 13kg KB swings / row 500m / 30 12kg KB swings / row 500m

Those KB swings are hard work after rowing (but so is everything after rowing) and I am definitely feeling it now!

Managed to complete this session in 13mins 24secs.

Did bikram yoga at 6pm and was pleasantly surprised by how bendy and flexible I was feeling, although the backbends were hard after not having done yoga for nearly 2 weeks.

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