Busselton Half Ironman

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Motivation up & down

2 sessions for me today

1st session – Run 5km TT did this at 5.30am when it was nice & cool with a light breeze – did this in 22mins 18secs happy with this was hoping for no more than 22mins 30secs so a good result.

Felt good even though my right calf started playing up as soon as I started running and was looking forward to this session - even more so with no wind!

2nd session – 2 x 20 box jumps / squats / push ups / situps run 1 mile – I subbed the run for rowing as my right calf was still tight after the run this morning – rowed for 7mins in each round – overall did this session in 21mins

Was not overly looking forward to training tonight and really had to "talk " to myself, although once I started the session I worked well - this is the lowest I've been since starting on 1 January - so I suppose I can't complain it could be a lot worse, I think the calf issue is having an effect too - back to the physio again to see what else I can do to prevent the tightness returning.

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  1. Hey there. I'm just coming out of my post-new-years-back-to-work-funk. Keep pushing and it will get better. Besides, it's summer and you need to be beach ready :)

    FYI- I tried to use the same countdown timer on my page and was having the same issue of it resetting every time I left the page. I found a different one that seem to be working. Feel free to have a look...