Busselton Half Ironman

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10km TT - Mind Games

Today’s session was a 10km Run TT – this really played with my mind as I have not run this far since about June 2008 before my stress fracture and given the achilles issues I have been having in the last few months it was my head that needed help rather than my body – was disappointed with my time – although I knew when I was running that I was not going fast enough – today was more about getting my head around the distance – completed 10km in 47mins 8secs was really hoping for 45mins but its done now and I have survived although my calves are really tight - I have iced / stretched / rolled them but think I will also do Bikram yoga tonight to have another good stretch


  1. Hi Jane,

    Great time for your 10K! You should feel great considering everything you have been going through.

  2. Great time Jane. Do downward dog, will help.