Thursday, January 14, 2010

12 Miles - Wind or Windtrainer?

Today was full on with 3 x separate sessions – I had to back-to-back two of them as I had a meeting which lasted most of the day today and couldn’t train at lunchtime.

Luckily have pulled up ok today after Tuesdays run I could not have done todays sessions yesterday.

6am – 60mins ocean swim at Cottesloe with my swim squad, had a great swim session and the water was excellent.

Then straight home for a CF session which I started at 7.30am with CFWU + windtrainer & mobility – session was 5 RFT of 400m run (subbed this for rowing as calves still tight from Tues run) 20 x box jumps / 20 x 5kg wallballs – managed this in 20mins 37secs – hard work rowing – so impressed that I can box jump at last :)

After my meeting finished I went home and had a 20min power nap – I was knackered – then back to work.

Last session of the day was 12 x 1 mile repeats on the bike with a 1min recovery. Next decision was do this on the windtrainer or on the road, windtrainer would drive me insane for 12 x 1mile + it's 35degrees today and I was not sure that I would be able to maintain the focus other option was to go out on the road where the wind would play a factor in speed and effort but would also cool me down and I wouldn't notice the heat so much - I opted for the road and the wind!

Did this on an out and back course into the wind on the way out and tailwind on the way back which is reflected in the times, which were about 3.05mins on the way out and 2.46mins on the way back.

Feel good today, another 3 day session coming up tomorrow - Max is a masochist!

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