Monday, January 11, 2010

Shark alert!

Today was my first ocean swim session of 2010 with my swim squad - only 4 of us braved it today (I put this down to the shark sighting on Tuesday where they closed the beaches) I was very apprehensive about getting in, but the water was lovely, the thought of a shark definitely makes you swim faster!

Straight home from swimming for the 2nd session of the day, bike tabatha 32 x 20:10 - did this on the windtrainer and managed 6.4km - that was hard work and my legs are tired and I have so much muscle soreness its not funny - this is what happens when you throw yourself back into training after 1 week off and the 2 previous weeks being very low key.

Last session for the day was 5 x 3 max weight DL - couldn't remember my DL PB and bit unsure about lifting on my own, so did 3 x 3 at 50/55/60kg then did 5 x 3 of 62.5/65/67.5/70/72.5kg only started to feel this at 70kg and feel that I could have actually done more, my PB is 75kg so next time will start heavier, but still happy with the progression of these lifts.

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  1. Jane, I so crazy to swim on the ocean that I would change our -10 Celcius for swimming -with sharks- on the ocean!