Busselton Half Ironman

Saturday, January 16, 2010

40km Bike TT - Result!

Today I had to do another 40km TT on the bike, was not looking forward to this because of the epic day yesterday, lack of sleep and another very windy morning, however, all was not as it first seemed!

Went out at 5.30am to avoid both the traffic and the large packs of cyclists who use part of the route I am on as part of the ride round the river, very, windy today, checked the weather site and said strong gustly easterly's :(

So off I went and surprisingly felt pretty good - did not seem to have any after effect from yesterday, wind was hard work, it felt much stronger than when I did this on 2 January. I felt that I rode well and I felt strong in my legs, just started to suffer in the last 5km when I turn straight into the wind. Overall I rode about 35secs faster than last time, in stronger wind conditions and I felt really good - I'm stoked :)

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