Busselton Half Ironman

Friday, March 5, 2010

An up & down day

Today was a very strange day for me - I only had 5hrs sleep (yes I know way too little) but I just couldn't put my book down!

Had squad swim at 5.30am 1100m warm up then the main set was
3 x 100m
1 x 200m
1 x 100m easy
400m TT
1 x 100m easy
1 x 200m
3 x 100m

The 100s & 200s were supposed to be on 1.32 pace on 2mins - I could only manage 1.35 / 1.37 then the 400m TT I managed 6.19 not far off my PB and I got stuck behind the guy in front then I seemed to pick up and managed to swim 1.33/1.32 for the remainder of the set??

Had a pretty good day, until 2pm when I was almost falling asleep at my desk and I had a bit of a headache - I had to go and have a 20min power nap in my car - felt better after but not great - I seriously considered missing this evenings WOD!!! Then I told myself to suck it up and at least give it a try - I put it off by preparing some food & packing for my race until I knew I could put it off no longer.

4 x 400m + 20 burpees - still have a pain in my left butt and definitely not running at 100% which shows in my 400m times, managed to do this session at about 80% effort in 11mins 55secs

Wanted to get an early night tonight but have to go & pick my daughter up from the train station at 10pm she's been away on a school trip and have to get up and race in the morning!

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  1. Jane

    Only 5 hours of sleep, go do a master swim WOD & then proceed & do 400M / burpees. You are a Ironwoman. WOW!! And on top of all this your racing the next day. Have a great race & fill us in on your race report.