Busselton Half Ironman

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hail, rain, storm & 8 x 400m runs

Well what a day its been, first proper training session this morning which was 8 x 400m runs at 5km pace with 3min recovery

Felt pretty good running which is a big improvement on how I have felt running the last few times.

Happy with my times, which got faster with each rep, in the rest times I did some pose running drills - not sure if these helped me run faster!

This was my only session for the day, but I didn't bank on the weather!

We have had the worst hailstorm in about 20yrs - I have no idea where it came from as its been so hot and we haven't had rain for over 100 days - but late this afternoon hailstones the size of golf & cricket balls started to fall, the ceiling collapsed in parts of my office and we had to abandon the building - then when I got home our lobby & garage were flooded (the garage is where my gym is!!!!!!) so my daughter and I had to sweep the water out and move all the stuff while my husband unblocked all the gutters as the water was overflowing and coming under the window & door frames so I ended up doing 2hrs of physical work! Managed to clear everything up ok - it could have been so much worse having seen tv of some of the flooding that has occured.

Just need to try and get the office sorted today no idea what we will do as I have only just started working on a business continuity plan so we don't have one!!! Will be an interesting day or two or more!

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