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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweat Assess

This morning I had a follow up sweat rate assessment - I took part last winter in a sweat rate assessment at one of the Uni's & now they are doing a follow up to see whether we have acclimatised over the summer & are more efficient - I definitely lost a lot less weight than last time, but will have to wait for the final results.

So sessions today were 30mins cycling in a sweat chamber followed by a short drive home and then 75 of pull ups / push ups / sit ups / squats - completed this in 20mins 34secs - its those darn pull ups that get me everytime! They took me nearly 10 mins as I had to break them into sets of 5 - the push ups I did in sets of 10, situps in sets of 25 and squats non-stop.

Body is feeling better today, but tomorrow will tell as I have a 5km TT to run (should have been today but had to do the sweat assessment) - stretched today for the first time since I've had these issues too - that felt good & bad :)

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