Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Houston - we have a problem!

This morning I was due to run 45mins - I didn't even make the end of the road :(

I mentioned yesterday that I had a pain in my left butt when I was running - well last night I did trigger point therapy on my body and had lots of referred pain from my calf right up to my butt and lower back. Woke up in the night & felt that my lower back was very tight but thought that this would be ok I've had this before, so got warmed up & felt ok until I started to try and run - my left side collapsed as soon as I tried to run - I was all lopsided, gave it a couple more tries but no there was no way I could run.

Back to my garage gym and did the CF workout that I had planned in the evening which was 5 x 50kg DL + 10 x burpees + 15 x squats managed 9 rounds. DL were hard due to the weight that was going through my back & legs, burpees were good form enjoyed them!! did I say that - squats left a lot to be desired and I'm usually really good with these struggled to get the depth I normally do.

Am booked in to see the physio on Friday (also on cancellation list) I'm wondering whether the regular TP stuff has uncovered some underlying issue??

I'm racing this weekend so need this to be fixed! (race is not important its a training race only)


  1. Feel better Jane. Hopefully you'll be pain free.

  2. Hope you feel better, Jane!!

  3. Get that rear end fixed! Hope you mend are strong mentally and physically so don't be too hard on yourself and rest if necessary. We need to keep everyone injury and pain free from this day forward...too many are hurting right now!

  4. Jane, I hope you get better! Chiropractor told me you need to be really careful with TP, unless your super experience you can touch or better said, trigger some wrong points.

    I hope you get this fixed! Go Jane Go!