Busselton Half Ironman

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Under the weather - literally

It's been a bit of a strange couple of days recovering from this freak storm - I mean we don't get hail or ice normally!!

Spent all of Tuesday organising stuff at work so that we could dry out all our records and arrange shifts out the front of the offices so that extra green waste bags were available for residents as well as contingency planning for how we would get back working with the loss of two whole departments work areas - anyway we managed to fix this and everyone worked really hard so Weds we were at least able to work even though we have had to setup a temporary work area in the Council Chamber!

Then when I got home I swept the debris from the road (we are the youngest in the street so it seemed the right thing to do) then had parents evening!!

So training, did not get to swim yesterday morning as pools closed due to storm damage, so did PM CF WOD instead which was 21/15/9 burpees and 500m rows in between, did this in 11mins 55secs very happy with how I worked on this - rowing time was a bit slow but felt that I worked well.

Next morning I got up feeling a little under par, but needed to run 10km at 80% well I ran 10km but I'm not posting my time it was painfully slow and I thought I was running ok until I saw the km splits then I freaked at how slow it was and how I knew I wasn't going to get any faster this was all I had - then later I worked out what 80% was and I basically ran at 80% and my km splits were evenly paced so that is good, what is scaring me a little is that I could not have run faster and I don't feel overly great today - but talking to others at work I think all the effort we had to put in yesterday has definitely had its effect on people and I woke up with a cold sore so am still run down :(

I have a race Sunday my last one before the half in May - its mainly to practice my nutrition and transistions but I still want to do well, I'm worried that I am a downward trend from getting ill last week!

I've got up this morning still feeling a little "off" and have decided not to do the training session this morning will aim to do this later today when hopefully I start to feel better!


  1. Hope you work through whatever is it that's got you not feeling 100%! Good luck this Sunday. You've got all the training in you...rest up if you need to and you'll be ready by the weekend.

  2. You will rock this Sunday! Go for it.