Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm sick :(

Haven't posted for a couple of days so will catch up with what training I have done

5 x 5 push presses - did some warm up sets first then 5 x 5 main sets were
30kg / 32.5kg / 35kg / 37.5kg / 40kg - was absolutely made up with this result my best for 5 reps was 30kg so a massive improvement :)

Squad swim at 1pm this was fun, on Sat they do a lot of really cool stuff like drafting practice, drills, paired sprints etc really enjoyed this, could feel the push press in my arms though!

All week have had a very minor niggle in my throat & thought nothing of it, but it got worse Sat eve, when I woke up on Sunday morning I had a really bad throat it was so painful to swallow & I had 150km bike ride to do! Now the sensible thing would be not to go but I wanted to ride & I felt obliged to the team I was riding with so off I went!

Managed the 1st hour ok, this was flat then we hit the hills (it was a ride in the hills visiting 3 x dams) I was fine for about 2.5hrs then the wheels started to fall off - I felt awful, my whole body ached and everytime I saw another hill my heart sank I made the 2nd checkpoint in 3.5hrs and promptly burst into tears as I knew there was no way I would be able to finish - I felt such a sense of failure / disappointment - I was really looking forward to this ride to show my strength, work on my nutrition (which I did manage to do) and generally have an enjoyable time.

Then because I was so far away I wasn't able to eat for 3.5hrs as I waited for my lovely husband to come & get me - we stopped at a petrol station & I ate 1/2 cooked chicken & a banana - I so needed this!

Have been to see my wonderful naturopath today (much better than a Dr) & I have a virus he has advised no training until the weekend - although he did say maybe some very, very light CF work - am off work today, feel better than yesterday but not right - so hope to be feeling better soon - but have faith in the naturopath so looking forward to the weekend.


  1. Jane

    Get your rest & let your body recover. That is the other little secret so you can train hard next time & reap the benefits.

  2. Take care of yourself Jane. I am finding out that rest is as important as training and nutrition.