Saturday, March 6, 2010

Race Report

Up at 5am to eat and try new eating plan - also am trying powerbar gels (they have more sodium) - I'm a heavy sweater :)

Race format today is an enduro style so 3 x 200m swim / 10km bike / 2km run - I've only done one other race like this and its strange but nice getting back in the ocean after running!

After our couple of weeks of around 40degree days we have dropped down to about 30 and it was cold this morning - was shivering on the beach waiting for the swim start (although I probably shouldn't complain you guys have really got it cold - but it was cold for me)

200m swim was like a washing machine with the mass start boys & girls (I hate swimming with the boys) - tried to find someone to draft off which wasn't hard as there were bodies & arms & legs everywhere.

Out the water & across the sand bank (uphill) to transistion - lots of sand on feet chose not to wear socks out on the bike & off for the 2 lap bike course - road ok, have still got this tightness in my butt and definitely felt that I didn't have full power but was still pretty happy with how I was cycling.

Off onto the run - nice only having to run out 1km & back as before you have had time to think you're virtually back to transistion. Definitely not running at full pace butt really tight hoped I would be able to run twice more! Off with the shoes & on with the goggles run to the beach, run along the beach to the swim start and back into the water - this was lovely until about 1/3 into the swim when my arms suddenly realised they were being asked to work & didn't like it gave my legs a rest though!

Back up the sand dune and into transistion for the 2nd bike leg this went ok & it was good because by now the competitors were spaced out (unlike the first traffic jam bike leg) back off the bike out onto the run, ran ok still had tight butt, but felt ok - on with the goggles & into the ocean for the last swim - same as last time took my arms a while to complain (all those CF WODs helps I sure) out onto the bike & by now had worked out that I was about 4th overall so needed to make sure that no-one passed me - onto the last run & tried to run faster than I did before - I think I managed this - I gave up trying to do laps on my watch it was too confusing.

Anyway I think I ended up 4th overall and I won my age group which was combined as 40-49 so a good result.

Feel pretty good now (late afternoon) but am just going for a snooze as out to dinner with friends tonight and up for another training race tomorrow. Thankfully Max did not schedule any other training for today :)

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