Sunday, March 28, 2010

Duathlon Race Repot

My first duathlon today due to not being allowed in the river to swim, I think the first run was about 3km then we rode 40km & ran 10km

First run was good, felt that I ran pretty well, the ride was 2 x laps of a fairly undulating course with about 3 hills on each lap - I need to get my head in gear for the ride as I find myself not "racing" the whole of the bike I end up just riding not racing - need to work on this!

Got off the bike with lead thighs from the hills they did ease up pretty early into the run, ran an even pace for the 10km (2 x laps) total time was 2hrs 16mins 40secs

1st run ?km 15.35
bike 40km 1.14.25
2nd run 10km - 43.43 (not sure if this was short as I didn't think I was running this fast!)

Pulled up ok'ish, my butt is tightening up when I run - this has been happening for a while now - I will need to get this sorted as it is affecting my performance


  1. Great Job Jane!!!!

    I getting the same from my butt, I thought was related with the race, but I don't know.

    Keep pushing!

  2. Wow Jane,

    I am really impressed with how fast you are. I will email you for the paleo recipes, thanks.

  3. Dan,

    If you are emailing the one's I sent to you, they came from Jane. One big circle.


  4. I have some more meal plans / ideas now that I was going to share with Dan - I can share them with you too Martin