Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday's Race Report

Today was another race, but again just a training race - cleared this with Max who said I could race providing I was better (with the body collapsing thing)

This was a corporate team event, very small 400m / 10km / 4km but lots of fun I haven't done this event before but one of my swimming buddies was looking for a team member for a sponsor of theirs so I was in!

Great morning, glorious sunshine, not too hot (to start) and wind was fairly moderate - I got the 2nd leg, the format is 3 x team members who all s/b/r then tag the next team member who s/b/r etc.

On the run to the water I felt my left side collapsing again (not as bad as earlier in the week) it was enough to worry me about whether I would be able to run the 4km - swam well felt good, onto the bike and rode really well if I could keep the same pace for 4 x laps I would have rode faster than I did on this course in January by about 2mins & I felt good especially considering this was a training race & I had done no taper & my left butt was giving me some grief!

Back into transistion for the run, left side felt ok, I think the swim & bike helped to strengthen this up - I took the 1st km pretty stead as was still worried about being able to run - this course had km markers so I managed to get my split times - I managed 5m / 4.27 / 4.24 / 4.18 and I felt great (apart from my butt) I grew more confident with every km as the times show - so very happy with this result today and after the race yesterday - very very early night tonight to catch up on some much needed sleep :)

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